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Why French

Being the only language spoken in all continents, offering customer support services in French can help propel your business to global brand status. It is also the second most widespread language after English, meaning you can reach out to a large number of customers if you use this European language as a medium for delivering support.

French also holds official language status in 29 countries, many of which have strong economies and luxury markets. This fortifies the language as an effective tool for earning the trust of Europe’s power purchasers, because assisting customers in the language they are most comfortable using fosters strong relationship between them and the brands they support.

Who we are

French Call Center provides call center solutions and non-voice customer support services to companies with a French-speaking consumer base. It is our goal to help our clients reach out to new customers using our language-specific services while keeping existing ones loyal by addressing consumer needs that are unique to their market. Through our boutique-style approach at outsourcing, established brands and budding enterprises alike can benefit from our customizable solutions.

What we can do for you

We can be your partner in extending your reach to French-speaking customers and strengthening bonds with them by building true lingual and cultural connection.

Through our native-speaking customer service representatives, email support team, and live chat agents, we can provide assistance following international BPO standards for customer support. This is the advantage of operating in the Philippines, the call center capital of the world. Our location does not only give you access to the best outsourcing resources; it also gives you the opportunity to work with some of the country’s language-proficient workforce, including expatriates who speak French as their native tongue.

Where we can take you

Our almost decade-long experience in the outsourcing field can help your business reach your own definition of success, whether it is putting your brand atop competitors in the global arena or cultivating a reputation in a small niche.

French-based customer support can build and maintain your stature in places where the language is widely used. It also helps you gain a deep understanding of your new customers, as our partners and employees have been exposed to French consumer behaviors and culture.