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About Us

French Call Center is an outsourcing firm that provides bilingual customer support solutions to international businesses with French-speaking customers. Whether it’s customer service, technical support, or telemarketing services that you need, French Call Center can design the outsourcing plan that will perfectly match your business needs.

The French language is a powerful language for businesses. It ranks next to English as the most widespread language across the globe, and holds an official language status in 29 countries. Bloomberg Businessweek even described French as one of the top three most useful languages for business, together with English and Chinese. If you plan to widen your business reach and expand to French-speaking markets in the future, outsourcing to French Call Center can help you in gaining a strong foothold.

French Call Center started as a telemarketing firm in 2006 before moving its operation from San Carlos in California’s Silicon Valley to the Philippines’ prime business district, Makati City. Since then, we have broadened our spectrum of outsourcing services by delivering French call center support solutions using three mediums: telephone, email, and live chat.

Since the Philippines is a multi-cultural hub, French Call Center capitalizes on the rich pool of talents in the country by scouting French-proficient customer support agents who can effectively interact with French customers and assist them with their concerns. Our stringent training procedures not only aim to refine language skills, but the agents’ cultural knowledge and sensitivity as well.

Outsourcing to French Call Center can equip your business with advanced call center resources, including technologies and processes. Having a French-speaking customer support team that can provide assistance to your diverse customer base can help you earn your customers’ loyalty. Partner with French Call center now, and let us take care of your customer service needs while you focus on expanding your business.