10 Questions to ask a call center during the screening process

If you’re planning to penetrate the French market, you have to keep in mind that French customers have high standards. Thus, your contact center must be able to provide top-quality business process outsourcing (BPO) services that can surpass the expectations of even the most meticulous customers.

Outsourcing to a French call center can help you create meaningful relationships with your target audience, one that’s not hindered by language or cultural differences. To find the right outsourcing company to partner with, ask your prospects the following questions during the screening process.


1.     How long have you been in business?

Company longevity may not be an accurate predictor of performance quality, but it’s a sign of stability and good management, two things that you want in your outsourcing partner.


2.     Which companies have you worked with in the past?

The past clients of your prospective call center will give you an idea about the industries they’re most familiar with. This will also point you to sources of reliable feedback and reviews.


3.     How do you recruit French-speaking agents?

Knowing the recruitment procedures of your outsourcing partner will help you gauge how skilled their agents are. Make sure that the qualifications they have set adequately cover all the skills an ideal agent must have.


4.     What types of training programs do you immerse your agents in?

To achieve the highest work quality possible, agents must be formally trained in delivering BPO services. Well-defined call center training programs demonstrate a company’s commitment to good customer service.


5.     What are your attrition and turnover rates?

Attrition and turnover are two of the biggest employment issues among contact centers. If not managed properly, they can create huge disruptions on workflows.


6.     How have you handled crises in the past?

Whether it’s a data disaster brought by security breaches or a physical damage caused by natural calamities, your French call center will play a significant role if you ever face a crisis situation in the future. If you can’t trust them to handle such problems, your French customers may turn their back on you.


7.     What makes your services different from other French BPO services?

This is a simple question that will allow you to assess what your prospect really has to offer. However, they should be able to back up their words using facts and actual reports.


8.     What kind of culture do you promote in the office?

A healthy office environment drives higher productivity and makes employees happier. Thus, they’re more likely to stay committed to their job, perform better, and further promote a fun work culture.


9.     Is your call center technology updated?

Technology is one of the main forces driving the outsourcing industry. To please your French customers, your call center must provide convenience by leveraging tech tools and devices.


10.     Can you provide at least three references I can contact?

Talking to other people who know your prospective French call center will allow you to gain a more accurate view of the company’s reputation, capabilities, as well as its strengths and weaknesses.



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