4 Business processes you should consider outsourcing

Business process outsourcing (BPO) has become a common practice because of the benefits it offers. As a business strategy, it can empower an organization, help it reach a wider market, and enable it to communicate better with its target customers. Plus, it often allows brands to cut costs without sacrificing the quality and efficiency of their functions.

However, if not done properly, it can slow down your operations and drag your entire company down. You should thus carefully plan before deciding to outsource. Ensuring that all your needs are covered by your chosen provider is necessary so you can successfully deploy your services with the aid of an external firm.

As you plan to work with a service provider, you need to specify the processes you’ll entrust to them. This way, you can define your standards and desired service level targets for each of your outsourced services. Here’s a list of some of the common tasks you can hand over to a contact center or other providers.


1.     Multichannel customer support

female call center agent wih customer service coworkers at the back

To empower customers, you must give them options on how they can contact you. Establishing a multichannel presence lets you open several avenues for customer interactions. By partnering with a customer service provider, you can leverage several channels, including email, live chat, social media, and the phone. Being present across these platforms will allow you to reach customers via the platform of their choice.

It will also be a great plus if you can find a multichannel call center with multilingual capabilities, as they can help you establish a strong presence in multiple markets. It’s also a way to personalize your services, as you’ll get to talk to customers both in the platform and language they prefer. All in all, partnering with a bilingual call center, or a multilingual one, is also a cost-effective approach.


2.     Content moderation

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Your online content plays a major role in digital marketing and reputation management, as customers now use the web to research about and interact with brands. Hence, keeping your online reputation spotless should be one of your priorities.

Reviewing and moderating the content that goes into your website and social media accounts can help you build a good online image. This ensures that all your online platforms are free of offensive language, spam, or indecent images.

You can either crowdsource or outsource your content review processes. In crowdsourcing, it’s usually your social media community who will be reviewing your online content. In outsourcing, however, you’ll be working with an external company who will execute this task for you.

Usually, crowdsourcing is the cheaper option, but it’s also risky, as it may be harder to standardize your moderation guidelines in such a setup.

Still, crowdsourcing can be a good, temporary solution for small businesses. Outsourcing, on the other hand, is a more manageable and flexible option. Additionally, if you’re dealing with a multicultural clientele, it’s best to partner with a multilingual content moderation team. This way, you can easily review user-submitted posts or comments rendered in a different language.


3.     Technical support

male customer care agent giving thumbs up

Delivering tech support is challenging. Here, employees work with complex information regularly. They also troubleshoot product issues and instruct customers regarding highly technical problems. This task becomes even more difficult when customers speak a language your agents are unfamiliar with, which can impede problem resolution.

To prevent this, brands, especially international ones, must hire multilingual or bilingual call centers. This reduces misunderstandings during support delivery. Some providers also offer translation services for product manuals, instructional videos, and other self-service tools.


4.     Data entry and processing

busy business team working on laptop computers

Data entry, accounting, and transaction monitoring are simple tasks that can easily be done by an outsourcing provider. Hence, they are ideally outsourced. Most large businesses choose to do so since these tasks can slow down their systems, as they often lead to the needless accumulation of large files. Thus, it’s better to hire an external company to handle these types of tasks. This way, so you can also focus on your core functions.



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