4 Customer service tips to impress your French clients

When crafting business strategies—whether for customer support or marketing—remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. You should always consider your target customers’ culture, tradition, and habits. This way, you can target their preferences, allowing you to establish rapport and build loyalty.

To woo your French clients, providing excellent customer service is definitely the key. Here are some pointers you must remember in order to build meaningful connections with the French market.


1.     Keep conversations professional.

bearded customer service agent talking to customer

Unlike other nationalities, French people generally don’t engage themselves in personal conversations. Instead, they go straight to the point and discuss business matters. This shows how much they prize privacy and formality in interactions. So when trying to start a conversation with your French clients, ensure that agents are using a more direct and businesslike approach. They should immediately cover the most important matters so that issues can be resolved immediately.


2.     Avoid blunt sales tactics.

dubious woman talking to customer service over the phone

Overtly trying to sell your products and services to your French clients may not be an effective technique. French consumers don’t like being pressured into making on-the-spot purchasing decisions. They need to take some time to closely look into products or services before deciding whether to buy them or not. Plus, if you resort to hard selling, your potential clients may think your sole goal is to generate profits. That’s why it’s more important to follow the customer’s pace when it comes to purchases. Show them that you care about enhancing their customer experience and making their lives better through the products you offer.


3.     Expect interruptions during discussions.

businessman using smartphone to call customer service hotline

While other countries view butting in during conversations as disrespectful, it can be a positive sign if you’re dealing with French customers. When they raise questions in the middle of conversations, it only means that they’re interested in you and your services. This is why you need to be prepared for probing questions that they might ask. Call center agents must therefore master even the tiniest detail about your products and services. This ensures that they can provide accurate information to your French clientele.


4.     Have a good command of French.

proud female customer service rep isolated

Effective communication can only be achieved if you can fluently speak and understand the language of your customers. This is a must especially if you’re targeting the French market. To meet the preferences of your clients, it’s best that you know their native language. In that way, you can serve your target clients without having to worry about language barriers.

To build a French-speaking customer support team, you may partner with a bilingual call center. Aside from fluency in the French language, these organizations employ agents who are familiar with the culture and practices of French customers. They can thus help you sustain a long-term relationship with this consumer sector.



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