5 Tips for building an excellent customer service strategy

Developing a customer service strategy is vital to the growth of French call centers. It requires detailed planning and a full grasp of the importance of the customer experience. But once you’ve built one, you’re a step closer to creating a service-oriented culture and reaching the company’s objectives.

However, the implementation part can also be tricky. It’s something that requires great and strong leadership. Without an effective leader to monitor your operations and ensure that the established strategies are being followed, you won’t be able to achieve your customer support goals.

Follow these five tips to create a winning customer care strategy.


1.     Communicate your vision to your employees.

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Your agents must understand that each of them is a vital part of the organization. Thus, they must share the same company vision, which you can communicate to them during employee orientation and coaching sessions. By keeping in mind these visions, employees can perform better and help you reach your goals. This lets your call center enhance the consumer’s experience.


2.     Nurture a “customer first” culture.

Employees must focus on retaining customers, and not just on selling products and services. This means addressing customers’ needs and concerns effectively, and this should be your main aim. If upselling to customers is your priority, then you’re leading your agents to the wrong path. This sends the wrong message to your customers. It might give off the impression that you’re more interested in making a profit than in building a relationship with them.


3.     Hire bilingual call center agents.

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The agents you’ll hire must help your organization project a good image among customers. Thus, hiring employees who perfectly fit the job description ensures that you can effectively carry out your customer service strategy. Implementing stringent screening processes means you’re thinking about the long-term impacts your employees can have on your organization.

In addition, if you regularly cater to foreign customers, be sure to hire agents who are fluent in the languages you need. Also, they must be culturally sensitive so they can communicate effectively with your customers.


4.     Reward and acknowledge good performance.

Create an incentive system so you can reward and recognize the top performers in your call center. You may also compliment other team members for simply doing their best. Let every agent know that their efforts to provide an excellent customer experience is a critical component of the overall success of the company.


5.     Invest on your technology strategy.

businessman using tablet on office table

Research on the technological advances that can help improve your customer service delivery. For instance, you can invest on a sophisticated customer relationship management tool that lets you deploy an omnichannel strategy. Investing money on resources that improve people’s experiences can significantly reduce the volume of complaints you’re getting.



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