Bad customers your call center agents should watch out for

Not all customers are made equal. Some are understanding, while others can be the very difficult, stressing ones. Such customers can be a burden for your customer support agents, but it’s one of many risks that come with being a call center employee.

But knowing what kinds of customers one can face can help your call center agents in the long run. That way they know how they can handle such kinds of customers, lessening their stress and frustration. Perfectly handling such situations can improve the customer experience and ensure customer satisfaction and retention.
There are many types of difficult customers your agents can encounter. Here are some of them.


1.     The irate customer

angry bearded man screaming into telephone

The most common bad customer, an irate customer can be described as angry and rude. They’re sometimes belligerent and even abusive. They channel their frustrations on the support agent, perhaps even blaming them for their issues. Such high-strung emotion can negatively affect your agents, contributing to their work-related stress and prolonging issue resolution.


2.     The chatterbox

deformed talkative businessman in glasses chatting away on telephone

Despite their apparent friendliness, chatty customer can sometimes veer the conversation to different topics. And when your agents lose track of the conversation, your call center can lose valuable time that could’ve been used for customers with more pressing concerns.


3.     The “elite” customer

businessman with king crown angrily shouting at phone

While you should treat your customers like royalty, this kind of customer takes it way too seriously. They feel like they’re top priority and will get angry if asked to follow standard processes and procedures to get what they want. They will ask for the manager or the supervisor immediately without hesitation. Their sense of entitlement fuels the way they interact with your call center agents, easily doubting their abilities to help them.


4.     The threatening customer

sarling woman angry in phone call

Frustrated and fed up, this type of customer threatens your agents to end business with the company or leave a scathing evaluation. These threats must not be taken lightly as customers are more likely to go to a competitor if they encounter service-related concerns. How your agents handle this type of customer can affect your call center’s customer retention rates.


There are times that it’s not the customer’s fault their behavior’s like that. Repetitive service issues can frustrate customers, especially if they’re in the middle of an important matter when it occurred. It’s important for your agents to empathize with your customers, that they really understand what the customer’s going through.



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