Building a fruitful relationship with your outsourcing partner

For businesses wanting to employ the services of an offshore company, we’ve laid out a checklist to help you choose the right prospective service providers for your company. So after choosing the right offshore partner, today we talk about the importance of forging and maintaining an excelling business relationship with the third-party firm servicing your outsourcing needs.


1.     Keep communication lines open


Having an open line of communication between you and your offshore service provider helps drive your campaigns to success. Keeping them updated every step of the way definitely ensures that every decision can easily be made and implemented efficiently, and that even the smallest potential issues can be addressed right away.


2.     Lay out business goals


Since you’ve entrusted your business to another firm, it’s best to give them the full view of what you want to achieve from the partnership. This can help your offshore partner visualize, plan, and develop strategies that can work based on their past experiences. To lay out business goals, directly discuss about budgets, resources, service levels, and the key performance levels (KPIs) that have a direct effect on your objectives. This can help you steer the entire team towards the right direction.


3.     Display trust


Though being hands on is good for the business, going overboard might create conflict with your overseas partner. Partnership is about sharing tasks and huddling employees to come up with shared proposals and solutions to improve the services of the company. So give them some space to present their own strategies to make them feel confident and trusted. In that way, they’ll be more driven to perform better and exceed your expectations.



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