Call center hiring: Where to find French-speaking agents

Having employees who speak the language of your customers is one of the most important components of a successful global business. Take your French customers for instance: not all of them are comfortable in using English as their medium of communication. This is why you need to have a line of multilingual call center agents to address your global customers.

But where can you find people who are linguistically qualified for the job? Here are a few suggestions where you can find potential candidates during your call center hiring:


•     Outsourced multilingual call center


One advantage of partnering with a multilingual call center is that it lessens the hassle of going through the critical stages of personally finding and interviewing people. With a trusted offshore firm, you may choose to only get involved in the last phase of the recruitment process. Aside from that, you can rely on them to teach and train your frontliners to handle your French-speaking clients.


•     Online recruitment sites


Online recruitment sites are definitely effective tools for finding skilled and qualified multilingual applicants for your business. Here, you can simply advertise your job openings and easily screen each candidate to find the best ones for your company. Then, with the help of other online tools, you can schedule online or in-person job interviews.


•     Foreign educational institutes


In the Philippines, there are several foreign institutes where you can scout for French-speaking people. This includes universities that include French in their curricula and language centers. You can reach out to these institutions (or partner with them) and offer jobs to their most fluent and capable students.


•     Repatriates and expatriates


From Filipinos who came from France and French expatriates who reside in the Philippines, you can actually get a lot of potential candidates who are skilled and experienced at the same time. By recruiting repatriates and expatriates, it assures you that they’re confident in interacting with French nationals be it in English or French.



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