Mobilizing your bilingual call center for a more responsive customer service

A company’s agility, or its ability to be responsive and adaptive, is an important source of competitive advantage. As customers expect issues to be resolved in a single interaction, brands need to reach out to their market as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The speed at which businesses deliver solutions to their clients has thus become a significant market differentiator.

customer service team leader directing call center group

Although this is the ideal scenario, being consistently agile is a big challenge, and French businesses are no exception. Across all providers of offshoring services, some factors that could hinder speedy resolutions are lack of knowledge about the market, unreasonable fear of change, and increased complexity of business processes.

This is why effective practices in business management play a role in keeping customer support streamlined. However, French businesses that have partnered with a bilingual call center have an additional responsibility of overseeing their customer service operations from a distance. As you prepare for this task, here are the three principles that will help your call center become more agile.


1.     Collaborative efforts

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From the brainstorming phase to the preparation and implementation stages, collaboration is the most important key in getting things done quickly. Aside from this obvious advantage, working in teams ensures that every agent knows the details of a particular project. Thus, if they are placed in situations where they need to educate customers about related details, they will be well-prepared to do so. A bilingual call center should focus on providing information access to its agents so that they can better share their product or process knowledge with customers.


2.     Understanding and managing impacts

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Another characteristic of offshoring services providers that may hinder their ability to respond quickly to customers is their inherent tendency to undergo several changes. This can disrupt their work processes in many ways. But if all members of the customer support team understand the reasons behind these changes, they will be able to manage its impacts well.


3.     Building a brand identity

meeting business leader pointing to colorful reports

Building a brand identity can go a long way, especially for business startups that are striving to establish a market niche that is entirely their own. Knowing who you are as a business and letting your customers differentiate you from other brands have a lot to do with your consistency and longevity in the industry. Just make sure to stay faithful to your principles as an organization when carrying out your business-related functions.


Agility is not just a source of competitive advantage, it’s one of the qualities required from businesses that want to remain progressive and efficient. Understanding what drives a responsive service and identifying the challenges that hinder problem resolutions in the call center are the first two steps in building a reliable customer support team.



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