Should you really outsource to this bilingual call center?

The question of whether or not you should sign the deal with an outsourcing firm is a common checkpoint that a business must mull over. It’s one of the stages that need careful thought and consideration, as it defines the success or failure of the outsourcing venture.

Clients should be thoroughly guided about what they need from a provider, how they want their services to be handled, and what outcomes they expect to see. It’s easy for any call center to claim that it will be able to deliver your business needs, but just declaring is a totally different story from actually doing it. Of course, you will only know if a firm really can once the deal is sealed.

But what if your business partner can’t fulfill the promised success? By the time you realize this, it might be too late because you’ve already wasted resources for a failed campaign. To save your business from possible let-downs, make sure that your prospective partners possess the following traits of an ideal partner.


1.     A good sense of ethics


You can get a glimpse of what a company values and upholds by what it does and supports outside its corporate confines. Look beyond your business process outsourcing (BPO) partner’s mission statement or ads and see what social development projects it participates in, as well as how much influence it has on the community. You should also find out whether the firm was involved in any ethical or legal issues and how its leaders handled those.


2.     Pro-employee policies


Always go for a company that knows how to look after its employees. Observe the satisfaction level of your future agents with their perks, opportunities, and tasks. If you see signs of disputes about salary, benefits, and rights, you’ll probably signing yourself into an unpleasant work environment. Remember that contentment at work plays a big role in workforce retention. If you have a happy team working in a harmonious workplace, you’ll have a high assurance of excellent customer service.


3.     Satisfied clients


Perhaps the best person to ask about your prospect’s ability to fulfill its promises is its past and present client, especially those who have entrusted the same BPO services that you plan on outsourcing. Ask around—get testimonials about their experience partnering with the call center, with focus on the challenges that its clients faced in the course of the deal.


4.     Good market and industry standing


Your future BPO provider’s awards and recognitions can testify for its credibility and positive stature in the industry it belongs to. Aside from its achievements, also take into consideration its number of years in service, as the length of its experience is another indicator of its industry and market influence.


You can tell that a BPO deal is successful by the extent of fulfillment the client experiences from it. The way towards this success starts with finding a provider that is able to carry out the farmed out tasks, so establish the right criteria during the process of selecting your BPO partner.



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