The basic 3-point checklist in choosing an offshore partner

Outsourcing services is a popular choice among expanding companies. This doesn’t come as a surprise as it gives them an opportunity to focus on their business development initiatives and leave the customer service side to a reliable offshore partner. Since you’ll leave a part of your business to a third party company, it’s important to choose an organization that fits your standards.

There are countless factors to consider in filtering your potential overseas partners. But first, stick to these basics:


•     Experience


When entrusting a part of your business to another company, experience must be a big factor in the decision-making process. While the years of experience may be an attractive advantage, it’s also important to take into consideration their previous clients. Having past or present clients that belong to the same industry as yours can be reassuring, knowing that the offshore partner is already familiar with the nature of the business. Moreover, internal management records must also be reviewed – hiring process, attrition rate, key performance indicators, and the like. This can help you decide whether their business ethics are at par with your company.


•     Technology


One of the advantages of partnering with an experienced firm is the availability of their modern facilities that can take your customer service division to another level. Having the right hardware and software solutions in place can definitely boost the level of service they can offer your consumers, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty that can drive more clients to your business. In addition to this, it’s also important to find out what data protection and recovery technologies are implemented. These ensure that any disruptions can easily be resolved or prevented during unfortunate incidents—whether they’re caused by natural calamities or by a data security intrusion.


•     People


There’s no doubt that the choice of manpower plays an important role in the success of any business. So when looking for a company to partner with, it’s best to choose one with highly skilled and experienced call center agents. Since they will serve as the frontliners of your business, you must ensure that each of them has a competitive background to match your business standards.


As a crucial part of your business, it’s best to meticulously screen your potential partners by evaluating their years in the business, the technology they have in place, and the people they hire. By considering these factors, you can be assured that your customers will be in good hands with your overseas partner.



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