Welcome to French Call Center’s official website!

Hello, or rather, Bonjour! We are happy to welcome future customers, partners, and employees to our new website. We built this to have a platform where we can connect with people, particularly those who are interested in outsourcing the customer support solutions we offer.


Before taking a tour around our other pages, allow us to introduce ourselves first. French Call Center is an American firm that helps businesses deliver excellent customer support using French as the main business language. Companies with French-speaking customers partner with us to gain not just customer service aid and expertise but also a solid workforce to converse and take care of customers well.

You can learn more about our history and background by visiting the About Us page. Afterwards, you can head on to these parts to find out how we can help you.

•     Services

This is where we feature our company’s business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions, which can be delivered in French, English, or both. Since we provide multi-channeled inbound customer care and tech support, we use the phone and non-voice web tools (live chat and email) as our main communication platforms.

•     Careers

Aspiring agents can visit the Careers section to can see current vacant positions that they may want to fill. The qualifications, as well as the hefty benefits that await successful hires, are also listed there.

•     Blog

We have a dedicated page for publishing news, insights, and tips about customer service practices and the BPO world as a whole. We will be tackling subjects that are relevant to places where French language and consumer behaviors are widespread.

We invite future customers, fellow companies, and potential employees to explore our official website. We look forward to having healthy engagements with you.



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