French Call Center - Services Page


French Call Center provides customer support solutions using the phone, instant messaging, and email as communication platforms. Here are our services and the benefits they can bring to your business.


Customer Service – We foster your connection and loyalty with your customers by injecting cultural education in our communication practices and trainings. We also ensure that our customer service representatives are not just fluent in French but also knowledgeable about your customers’ culture. More significantly, we also monitor changing consumer behaviors to make sure that our call center services are always up-to-date with the markets we serve.
Technical Support – Tech support is best delivered in the language that will help common users easily grasp complex technical instructions. This is why our French-speaking tech support agents are trained to explain instructions and technical details in a way that your customers would understand clearly. We do this to assure that answers are relayed accurately, thus heightening the assurance of first-call resolution.


Email – Email is an efficient tool for multi-channeling your customer support department and expanding the communication platforms your customers use to contact you. By having Email Support, your customers can get answers and instructions in written text, which means they can take time understanding the message and clarifying parts that may confuse them. Best of all, they can save the message for future use—a convenient feature that they don’t normally get from the phone.

Live Chat – You can give quick assistance to customers visiting your e-commerce site by having Live Chat Support services. This tool can make your customer service proactive because instant messaging allows your agents to start chat sessions to visitors who may be having a hard time using or navigating your site. Live chat is also cost-effective, so it can boost your profits and increase customer loyalty even while reducing operational costs.